BMC Contracting Company is a Dubai-based event management firm with vast experience in managing events and exhibitions. We take pride in offering premium services for planning your events, exhibitions, interiors, and weddings. Being in the industry for a long time, we have expertise in implementing the most innovative, novel, and unique ideas to make your events exceptional. We firmly believe in the revolutionary concepts to create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Our services surround a range of arrangements like special events, exhibitions, designer weddings, and concerts. We also deal with a complete ornamental electrical work, gypsum partitions, and exquisite interiors for your events. What we create is an outstanding customized event scenario and stand patterns perfectly right for live events, musical concerts, trade fairs, award functions, and other social events. All your event requires will be answered by our experienced event managers. BMC is also dealing with high-profile VIP events hosting, event staffing, thematic corporate events, official celebrations, and product launch ceremonies.

We take a full charge of end-to-end logistic requirement as well staffing requirement of the events and exhibitions. Our preparatory phase compiles event planning, budget, themes, venues, set-up idea, and anchoring. All the event-related promotional materials, hand-outs, banners, flyers, gifts, and other requirements are arranged. Depending upon the target audience, we plan out the event sequences. With our standard operating procedures, what we create for you is just an extraordinary experience. Our strong association with the network of various facility providers, allow us to meet the needs of our clients located anywhere in Dubai and surrounding regions.

Our years of experience has helped in setting a goal plan for all our assignments. We visualise your brand and primary objectives of your exhibition or event. Our dedicated team design the theme and every other detail of your event to match your objectives and your brand. While providing you with the best quality event management, interiors, wedding plans, and gypsum, we also help you to get the best return out of your investment. We ensure that the event and the artistic creations keep you in your audience’s mind for a very long time and boost your brand.

A qualified team of designers, technicians, and managers work round the clock at our in-house production facilities and design studios. Our team is a pool of talented professionals including Gypsum work specialists, audio-visual specialists, engineers, electricians, wedding planners, designers and event managers.

We have professionally managed hundreds of events making them a joyride for you and your visitors. All the details are given due consideration and attention; including lighting, audio systems, high-definition screens, presentations, and overall brand impact of your event or product. A complete layout of your event will be presented to you to the last detail. Customized solutions are added to make the events and exhibitions just as you have visualised them.

BMC Contracting Company gives you the best mix of professional services and creative designs and interiors. You will be completely relaxed before and during your event to focus on the real purpose of your show. Whether you hire us for your exhibition, shows, events, concerts, or for creating interiors and gypsum erections; you will feel the matchless excellence and elegance.





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